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Frequent users of Outlook make excessive use of this email application for instant email conversation. The users are blessed with advanced features of MS Outlook which make the working on this email client pretty smooth and straightforward. Prolong use of email client leads to huge accumulation of mailbox data in PST File. Sometimes users might not be aware about the malfunctioning issues related to Outlook which may affect the performance of this email client. The users get into the frustrating situation when the performance of the Outlook gets slowdown at some point of time. Improper functioning of the email client leads to various difficulties in managing or handling oversized PST files. 

There is a separate data file of MS Outlook that stores all the email messages and other mailbox data, called PST or personal storage table. All the versions of MS Outlook ranging from Outlook 2000 up to Outlook 2016, store mailbox data in PST file. Considering the early version of MS Outlook, i.e. from 97 to 2002, PST files are stored in ANSI format. In the latest versions of MS Outlook, i.e. from 2003 to 2010, 2013 & 2016, a new format is used to store mailbox data, which is Unicode format. The size limit of both these formats varies differently, i.e. ANSI format has a maximum size limit of 2 GB while Unicode format can store mailbox data up to 20 GB and 50 GB in 2010, 2013 & 2016.

Why PST Splitter is needed?

The file size grows as the mailbox messages keep accumulating with large number of emails that is further increased with attachments. The increasing size of the file may result in file corruption, and subsequently hampering the performance of the email application as well. So the users might have to resort to some ways to cut down the size of PST files. If any novice user is not able to diagnose the actual problem, then any manual procedure to split PST file might result in data loss. So another email compliant approach of employing any third-party software can be proved beneficial. There are many exclusive software tools available in the market for an effective PST splitting operation. But most of them are not pocket-friendly. One such PST Splitter is a commercialware offered by SysInfoTools Software that is a top-rated utility loaded with smart features and smart algorithm. This innovative software tool gives you the best results as the entire operation of PST splitting is completed in a jiffy at the click of a mouse.

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Most prominent features of this smart PST Splitter tool are

Swift and safe splitting

Swift and Safe

Software is very swift and prompt in action as it takes hardly few seconds in splitting a large-sized PST file. The entire operation is performed in a very safe mode without causing any changes or damage.

File Password-Protection

File Protection

Via this tool, users can apply passwords on their new PST files. Also, the software allows users to set encryption on their new PST files, such as: compressible encryption, best encryption or no encryption.

Adds PST to Outlook

PST Addition

This is highly useful feature for Outlook users. By using this feature, users can add the new PST files to their MS Outlook profile directly from the software. So there is no need to import them manually.

Interactive application

Interactive Interface

The interactive interface of this tool makes PST splitting operation an easy task for non-technical users. Any user can use this tool with ease as no prior technical expertise is required to use this tool.

Interactive application

Wide Support

Software supports PST files of both formats (ANSI & Unicode) created by any version of Outlook, from 2000 to the latest 2016. It smoothly runs under all major operating systems of Windows, including latest Win 10.

Saves Output

Independent Saving

It contains an independent saving feature that allows users to save new PST files at defined location. Also, users can select PST format type in which they want to save the files, either ANSI or Unicode.

Shows File Details

Detects File Information

The auto-detect function of this tool detects the file information, i.e. file name, format, size and number of stored email items, of selected PST file before starting the splitting operation.

Displays file structures

Display File Structure

The selected PST file is scanned in an intensive manner and the entire file structure containing all the mailbox folders is displayed in the left pane. Users can check the mailbox folders here.

Different Splitting Options

Via this PST Splitter tool, users can split their PST files by using different options:

  • Split by Size: By using this option, users can split their PST files by size. Users need to define a size by which the selected PST file will be split. For example: if the file size is 400 MB and you define 50 MB size, the file will be split into 8 parts, 50 MB each.
  • Split by Date: By using this option, users can split their PST files by date range. Users need to select a predefined time period or they can define manually. To define a time period, users can select single or multiple date ranges from the calendar.
  • Split by Senders’ Email IDs: By using this option, users can split their PST files by senders’ email IDs. A list of senders’ email IDs will be generated, and users can select the IDs of which mailbox data they want to save. For example: all the emails received from a selected email ID will be saved into a new PST file. The number of email IDs are selected, the number of PST files will be created.
  • Single File for Selected Folders: If you have selected some specific folders in the tree structure or all folders are selected, you can use this option to create a single file to save those selected folders.
  • Separate Files for Each Selected Folders: If you have selected some specific folders in the tree structure or all folders are selected, you can use this option to create separate files for each selected folder.

How to Use PST Splitter Tool?

The PST file splitting process is shown below in a step-by-step method along with the screenshots:

Live Demo

The live demo of PST Splitter tool is given below. You can watch it online for better user-understanding.

Tutorial for Splitting PST Files

Are you having performance issues with MS Outlook?

All users irritate with slow working on MS Outlook, can think once about the possible ways to revive Outlook’s performance. The speed of MS outlook is sometimes affected with the storage of huge amount of mailbox data. Large PST files put brakes on the productive output with compromise on the speed following constant PST corruption. Such performance downside of most popular email client often frustrates users at some point of time.

How to compact PST file and cut down the size?

The constant work on Outlook increases the storage size of PST file which affects the performance most of the time. The users can start organizing their mailbox by sorting them by importance and deleting email messages with attachment which are no longer needed. Even if the users start deleting emails from the mailbox, the size of the PST file might remain the same. So one can split the large-sized PST file into multiple smaller files by applying manual procedure. This sounds a kind of herculean task for the novice but requires few easy manual steps. Both types of users, i.e. geek (proficient) and early learners can try their hands on fixing the issue of large-sized PST file. But this fully tested manual trick can become useless if any particular step is skipped, or it may result in data loss. Also often the integrity of the PST file is not retained.

We have two feature options available in manual procedure to shrink the size of the PST file. The features are mentioned below:

Split PST File through built-in Archive feature of MS Outlook

This option can affect the size of the PST file by limiting the surplus emails in the mailbox. User can keep the recent emails from previous month and archive the rest of them. Follow the steps given below:

Split PST File via Move to folder feature of MS Outlook

In order to save precious time and employ fast, accurate and reliable techniques, user can make use of third-party software tools available in the market. Such a dynamic software tool named PST Splitter by SysInfoTools Software is available online as commercialware which can easily split large sized PST file into smaller parts.

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